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What Can ZenTactics Do For You?

The child abuse recovery process is challenging. If you don't understand the psychological issues behind child abuse, you may be missing opportunities to further your recovery. And you may not even realize it! This website is your opportunity to learn those issues. Then you can use this information to help yourself more effectively.


ZenTactics offers practical information to help deal with issues that often haunt abuse survivors-depression, self-esteem, anger, friendship, and more.

And by practical, I mean simple steps you can take RIGHT NOW to help keep your recovery moving forward. I've spent way too much time reading self help books and surfing the Internet looking for information to help those of us recovering from abuse. I got tired of buying self improvement material intended for a mass audience, and not specifically tailored to child abuse survivors.


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How is ZenTactics Different?

  • With ZenTactics instead of having to read a 300 page book, you can just read an article that deals directly with your problem. Because let's face it, if you're in recovery, sometimes you just don't have the energy to read a long book.
  • All the articles contain practical information backed up by sound psychology or practical experience and not vague clichés like "just think positive."
  • ZenTactics is not a boring encyclopedia or a medical website but it contains information that can be found in sources like these presented in an engaging way.


What's the catch?

I'm often asked why I give so much valuable information away for free when other personal development authors charge for it. The simple answer is I've learned a lot from some great people, and this is my way of paying it forward.

That's why the articles on this site will always be free. They will also be thoughtful and comprehensive, but the recovery tips in them will always be FREE.


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Start Living the Life You Want From the Inside Out

"Zen" is a school of Buddhism. It comes from the Sanskrit word dhyāna, which means meditation. Zen emphasizes the experience of enlightenment (or awakening) through direct experience.

This is what your recovery from child abuse will feel like. You will "awaken" parts of yourself you never knew you had, and you'll feel good about it in the process. The best part is, you get to do it in your own way, because you're in charge of your recovery.

These "awakenings" will happen as a result by directly applying and experiencing the effects of the personal development tips from this site.


No matter what your past is, or the conditions of your life today, this site is here to help you achieve the happiness you were meant to have.


I hope you have a nice day and an even better life.



Adam Appleson


Recommended Articles


One of the things that can really accelerate your recovery and healing is...

Learning how to make friends. Honestly, what I've found is that it's the making of new friends (along with going to therapy) that helps you heal from some of the old wounds. It helps you learn to trust others again and find a life that's going to make you happy.

That's why I wrote my e-book, All You Need Is One: How To Make Friends After Being Abused, because I wished I had a guide that would have given me a system to start making new friends once I was ready (yes, that's a shameless plug for my book, but I'm really proud of it, and I know it's very helpful because I had a few other survivors read it and tell me so. So I know it will help you if you're a fellow survivor!)


Get help with your healing

ZenTactics has interviews with other survivors and personal growth experts, mental health articles covering issues such as anger and depression, inspiring quotations (you can also post your own inspiring quote on this site - click here), and personal development articles covering topics like motivation and goal-setting.


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